Vessel - Gen 01 //HD
It's been a year since the Lord shared the vision for Honor Brand, and what a journey it has been! To celebrate this momentous milestone, we've created a special anniversary edition hoodie
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HNR - Gen 02 //CN
Be set apart for a special purpose, useful to the Lord's house, and ready for every good work.
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Vessel - Gen 01 //LX
Vessels have to go through fire in order to be strong. Have you been prepared for every good work?
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Limited Edition:
Vessel-Gen 01 //lx

Vessels undergo the refining flames to emerge stronger and more resilient. In honor of the fires faced and the exponential growth experienced, we are creating 10 special limited edition bomber jackets to serve as a reminder of all of the journeys, trials, and sacrifice that has gone on throughout the year.

Custom Apparel

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Clothed for Honor

At Honor Brand, our purpose is crystal clear: we exist to provide people with clothing that signifies honor. We believe in being set apart for a special purpose, just as it’s beautifully expressed in the Bible. Our mission is to create apparel that not only serves as a symbol of honor but also empowers you to embrace and live out Biblical values in your everyday life.

Presence Driven

Our commitment is to craft presence-driven clothing that inspires honor, respect, and reverence. We understand the significance of what you wear, and we want your attire to reflect your dedication to a higher calling.

prepared for every good work

We’re here to be more than just a clothing brand – we’re your partner on your journey to live a life of honor, purpose, and impact. So, whether it’s a hoodie, a tee, or any other piece from our collection, when you put on an Honor Brand garment, you’re not just wearing clothing; you’re making a statement about your commitment to being useful to the Master’s house and prepared for every good work.

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